Delieven is a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast, she’s from Los Angeles

DelievinHi I’m Delieven. Welcome to my blog!

I was born in Los Angeles and grew up there as well. I had a wonderful supportive and loving family. They were even supportive when I became obsessed with body building and all sorts of things related to fitness. I have a degree in English Literature and Law. I had worked in financial institutions and law firms as well. But the love of exercise was still there. Even when I was very busy with my career, I took the time to coach myself and coach others on fitness training.

Soon, I found that exercise and fitness are my field; so I left my job. I believe that persistence and hard work are the real secrets of success in life. I’m now an established personal trainer in Los Angeles. I have transformed my client’s life by getting them into good shape. I speak regularly in different occasions, motivating them to stay fit. I used to write articles also for different health magazines before I opened up my own blog.

In this blog, you will get lots of suggestions on fitness and body building related topics. Hope this blog encourages you to be fit, like it did to my clients.

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